Health Ensure-ance

Sarah and I

Community Health

This past week onevillage has made great strides with regard to its health program.

onevillage aims to a create a sustainable community health program by enabling individuals to directly invest into their own health insurance and in turn, overall health. Initially supported by the resources of onevillage, and in the future, fully-funded by their own means, individuals will have access to the benefits of health insurance in Ghana. In 2014, the program will provide health insurance aid to 100 individuals (50 adults and 50 children) within the Kpando community.  Ghana is one of a few countries in Africa with a nationalized health insurance program. The cost to purchase health insurance, by our standards, is very little. A child’s annual health insurance costs $2.50 and an adult’s annual health insurance costs $7.50. However, many people in the country still don’t have the means to access health insurance because the cost remains prohibitive and unfortunately health (especially preventative health) is not prioritized.

We believe that the individuals involved with this program will benefit greatly, exhibiting to others in the community the value of health insurance and the ability consistent healthcare has to improve overall health and quality of life. onevillage hopes to encourage an increased perception of the benefit of investing in one’s health as it relates to the ‘bigger picture’ and a continued investment in health insurance as a means of prevention, not just treatment.

Local Support

A program of this nature would not be possible without the assistance of local entities concerned with the health and well-being of its community members. To initiate the program, onevillage reached out to the Department of Social Welfare to help us in identifying our first group of stakeholders for this program who would benefit greatly from health insurance aid.  This group includes 40 individuals (20 adults and 20 children).  Pictured above, Sarah (from Social Welfare) and I are working on this list of individuals. With the support of the Department of National Health Insurance, these 40 individuals will be receiving their health insurance identification numbers in the next week-the insurance benefits will be active in three months (typical wait time to allow funds to mature).

The remaining stakeholders (60 individuals) will be applying to receive aid via an application process. Applications will be available at the local hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and the Department of Social Welfare. Once completed, individuals will return their applications to the Department of National Health Insurance for our review.

Our ‘Bigger Picture’

Within the realm of community development, community health is vital to success on a personal, community and national level. This program strives to improve the health of individuals living in Kpando, providing them with an opportunity to be healthier and empowering them to lead more efficient lives, capable of success.

onevillage believes in our ability to promote community development, ‘one village at a time’; however to do this, we realize we must provide the opportunity for development ‘one individual at a time’. onevillage wants to provide the individuals involved with this program, and all of our programs, the opportunity to improve their health, their education, and themselves for the sake of their personal success  and the success of the community overall.

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